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When the brave, greedy, desperate, or foolish venture beneath the stones and soft waves of Pentola they find themselves in a world made by Those Who Came Before, though shattered and marred by some ancient catastrophe which buckled the earth and loosed a seemingly endless flood of magical creatures and monsters into those halls of the dead.

So, what is this?

This single-sheet mini zine (zini, if you will) is an experiment in pushing the envelope for information density, layout, and gameable lore. It is written to be system agnostic, allowing you to take adventurers from any world and game into the catacombs described inside.

The inside spread describes how to procedurally generate dungeons on the fly or in advance complete with dozens of possible encounters and a back cover which is a quick reference for all the mechanics contained within.

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Install instructions

When you've downloaded the PDFs to print, make sure you set the printer margins to 0 / none - otherwise you'll get a compressed version of the zini on paper with space wasted on additional margins.

Included is the digital version (for viewing in a PDF reader) and print versions:

- Half-Letter for folx with letter-sized paper (8.5x11).
- A5 for folx with A4 sized paper.

Copies include regular and inverted for folx who have duplex printers.

If you don't have a duplex printer you can print the "first page" of the zini (front cover and back cover) on a single sheet, flip it over, and put it back in your printer, then print the "second page".


beneath-the-canals-a5.pdf 2 MB
beneath-the-canals-a5-inverted.pdf 2 MB
beneath-the-canals-half-digital.pdf 2 MB
beneath-the-canals-half-letter.pdf 2 MB
beneath-the-canals-half-letter-inverted.pdf 2 MB

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