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Gondola is a cooperative card game using a subset of a standard deck of playing cards using only the ace, 2-7, Jack, King, and Queen. 

It is played in rounds, each of which have two phases (Loading and Delivery). A standard game of Gondola ends after three rounds, while a long game (called a double-shift) ends after six rounds.

The Loading Phase is similar to a game of Blackjack or Pontoon in which the players are trying to get a total value of 13 without going over. The Delivery Phase involves a  cooperative scoring of points.

Gondolieri and the Wakemaker

The players of Gondola are the Gondolieri, taking the place of the legendary canal-traversing figures of Pentola, singers of abjuring ballads and destroyers of the demons who lurk in the city’s waters. Those demons are represented by the Wakemaker, who is the dealer.

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Get this game and 68 more for $10.00 USD
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