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While exploring the Pentolan Catacombs you might come across one or more items left by the Old Ones, the people who built the spires and catacombs and populated this city before whatever cataclysm cast them down and sundered the city.

When you want to give your players an item you can use this list by rolling a d36 - that is, rolling two six-sided die. The leftmost die determines the column, the rightmost die the entry in that column. If they are directly in line the die furthest from you is the column, the die closest is the entry.

So, for example, if you roll a 3 and a 5 and the three is either to the left or further from you than the five your players would have discovered the fifth entry from the third column, the Bakerslight Tablet.

Note that many of the items included in this list have a mix of positive and negative effects or have effects which may not come up often. You could let your players identify the items to discover their nature or just keep them around until an effect is triggered.

As always, feel free to remix, rework, and adapt these items to suit your game!

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AuthorMichael T Lombardi


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This collection of magical items is great. I've dropped several of them into my games already.
The way Michael weaves downsides into these creations has influenced the way I create unique items for my game world.


I'm really glad you liked it and doubly glad to hear that it has influenced your own design!